1. Who Said That Love


The love I have not known doesn’t live. It survives. – A.S.


Who said that love comes with bugles and clamor,

I have known it to be the silent kind,

The void that long mutes your ears,

The deafness a heartbeat leaves behind.

Who said that love blinds with fire,

I have seen it give the darkness sight,

The skinlight that gleams under desire,

The star that burnishes the solstice night.

Who said that love lives, love thrives,

I have known it to destroy and to deprive

The carnage, the strife to stay alive,

The love I have known doesn’t live.  It survives.

© 2013 Ani KeatingiStock_000033453000_Small

2 thoughts on “1. Who Said That Love

  1. Huneza says:

    Your talent is so versatile. I love your prose, your poetry, and frankly, every word that comes from your mind. Thank you, for a beautiful poem that compliments your story so well.

  2. AnnaDV23 says:

    love the last stanza 🙂 i also love TMM 🙂 hope it gets published soon as 30 nights of Snow 🙂 can’t wait to buy the book :))

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