I have been blessed with the best readers. Here are some of their recent comments, in their own words…

  • I could pick out your writing anywhere, anytime and any place because you write like no other! Your style is incredibly unique and creative and rarely matched in this arena. I have several favorite authors, all incredibly talented, of which you are one. Your style certainly sets you apart.
  • I want to read whatever you write forever. I couldn’t put this down, but found myself slowing my pace to make it lasts longer, knowing it was soon coming to an end. I love who you’ve done with your characters, who they are, who they’ll be. I would buy 100 advance copies of your book if it meant I wouldn’t have to wait to read part 2.
  • Oh my. Your storytelling is entirely wonderful – and you craft your words so carefully that if I’m not crying, I’m smiling with pleasure at the reading. I actually searched for and found your story as a result of your blog, which is stunning on its own merit…I’ve absolutely no doubt that an astute publisher will quickly latch onto your creativity with both hands…which I sadly suspect means we will have quite the wait to see Book II. Could not have enjoyed your story more…and look forward to following your rapidly ascending star! Thank you for sharing your talent on fanfic. Bravo!
  • I knew from chapter one that this would not be your typical, run of the mill, fanfic story. But I never imagined the masterpiece that has evolved before us! What you have created here is nothing short of brilliance! Seriously, there is none other like it… You cover subjects like PTSD and Immigration realistically and with sensitivity, dignity and respect… is absolutely brilliant! And while all this is going on, you’ve managed to keep the pulse pounding passion and eroticism, alive and smoking hot.  Whew! I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL STORY! You may as well continue to cover depression because that is the state in which many of your followers will be, myself included, when you stop writing.
  • When are you getting published so I can buy all your books…
  • I’m lost for words. Such an emotional end to a awesome story that had me in tears. What a masterpiece you have written. I was unable to attend the summits, but thankful I could go back and read the questions and your answers. Which gave a lot of insight to your story. You have an exceptional talent and deserve to be noticed. I have never read a book (I’ve read a lot in my 50 yrs) that left me emotional, captivated, intrigued and blown away as [30 NIGHTS] has. Looking forward to book 2 and anything else written by Ani Surnois…
  • Thank YOU. Fabulous characters, awesome emotions. Some of the best writing I have EVER read.
  • You are damn good writer! The rug was pulled out from under me. Holy Mother of God what an ending!
  • It has taken me about hr to be able to process your wonderful chapters – WOW, great job, brilliant!  Now, I understand that your characters needed to go through all this, you are the author and so far you have not disappointed, so I shall patiently wait for book numero dos…
  • As I periodically check my personal email at work, I was pleasantly surprised to see not one, but two emails announcing [30 NIGHTS] next chapters. The dilemma: wait until I am home and uninterrupted from kids, sports schedules, and bed time routines to read the last chapters around 10:00 pm EST? Or close my office door and reschedule my meetings for the next 30 mins or so. I choose the latter and got my Kleenex handy!
  • Ugh Heart wrenching! I need waterproof mascara! Once again Ani, you do not disappoint. You have found your true calling, as I expect you do not get paid at your current job to write fabulous novels (but will soon I am certain)! … Of course I am eager for Book two… Trust me all of your fans will be waiting for your next fabulous story… And I still hope for a Book Three! 😉
  • Thank you so much for your dedication! Can’t wait to be at your book signing in in Atlanta!
  • I am a loyal reader, waking every Sunday to check for my [30 NIGHTS] update, then proceeding to sit on the patio with my coffee and read (my Sunday ritual) I have never reviewed because honestly everything you do is great and felt I had nothing to add it is already perfection. With that said now that we are at the end of book 1 my only thoughts for you would be please don’t make us wait to long to find out where these characters journey is going because it think it will kill me.
  • Once again great story, great writing, Can’t wait for BOOK 2 please keep the waiting minimal!
  • I read this chapter so slowly. I knew I needed to devour every word, because I can tell every word is intentional, you beautiful author! I admire you so much and I could never be mad at the decisions you made for this story… I’ve always mentioned how [Aiden]’s personality reflects a man I loved, and I think that a reason this story gets me… I truly thank you for bringing me a beautiful portrait that I can relate to. It gives me comfort and pain – above all, feeling. Lord knows I am a feen for feeling, for experiencing life. I hope I’m translating my hippie thoughts in a way that are saying I appreciate you, your time, your story, etc! You have a gift! Take a rest, I will be awaiting more and will be purchasing your book, as soon as I can!
  • And so it ends… I have to remind myself that a book two is in the works. That one of my most beloved female characters will not be in pain for long. Forever and ever, Elisa will be one of my favorite heroines. Not only because of her heart, her intelligence, but because of her strength. I’m still in awe of how she got through the entire day. Her strength while leaving Aiden, even though she left her soul with him. Her strength at the hearing, reassuring Maria and Javier even though her entire world was crumbling around her. Having the strength to confront Aiden and still managing to go on even when her worst fears were realized. And then getting on a plane, heading to a land that she no longer thinks of as home. A land that will remind her of what she lost and still, as the plane takes off, she wishes for her soul to watch over the people she loves. What a brave girl!
  • I’ve not only come to know and love Elisa, but I’m as equally in love with the tortured, self-loathing Mr. Hale. I have faith in him. He’s grown light years from the man we met in the beginning of [30 NIGHTS]. He’s seen love; touched it; tasted it and will at least respect it even though he doesn’t believe he deserves it. I don’t believe the man who shared Christmas with Elisa, the man who woke up from his stupor and professed his pure love for her, the man who’s guilt tormented him for years over the death of a fried or the man who wrote to his unborn son even before he knew his mother has it in him to do something that he knows will kill the love of his life. Sometimes, we love selflessly and that means giving up what we most want for the greater good. Although the sentiment is pure, it also does more damage than good. Book 2 will prove that.
  • It goes without saying that you’re talent far surpasses anything I’ve read on. For a long time now, I’ve disassociated [30 NIGHTS] from this genre and just appreciated as a great work of fiction. I tell you everyday to be proud. You’ve done what very few authors, whether published or not, can do. You’ve made me rethink friendship, love and family. Think about the people who come into our lives and their significance. A friend can transcend just friendship. A man and a woman can love each other, flesh and bone without sex. And a selfish man can learn to love a woman selflessly. Thank you for that. Thank you for not only giving some great insights but a great story. I think what started my love affair with [30 NIGHTS] was seeing how much you love your characters. That for me, means everything and that’s why I know you’ll succeed.
  • Wow. I hope you have your book deal signed, sealed and delivered. Not only are your characters compelling and realistic, your writing is fascinating and literate-I love the comparison between the Brothers Karamazov/Aiden and all of your quotes from various poets. The way Elisa lovingly writes on his side during their night of passion is incredibly poignant. Since she is [h]is savior and he hers their love is more able to take a realistic hold. Altho[ugh] Elisa is a virgin, she is a true 20th century woman who is brilliant and not unknowledgeable. Thank you for the wonderful research based picture of PSTD that has been around forever, but is just now really being researched. I can’t get enough of your characters. Both brilliant, passionate, and obsessed with one another.
  • Hey ani, hope you are doing well and [30 NIGHTS] 1 is on it’s way to the book stands. (and I can lay my greedy hands on it ASAP)…it is already such a success and I am sure will capture millions of hearts once it gets there. I am dying over here for 2nd book or even any kind of outtake or Aiden’s POV…is it going to happen this week? Please let me know or better not waste time and post an update soon! Xoxo your’s always loyal and highly enthused follower.
  • So where do I begin? It is so hard to write this review because I know it will be last one for a while. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a phenomenon this book is. It sets readers on edge with its exemplary theme. With its many twists and turns, the story possesses the ability to lure one deep into the plot and keep a person on their toes. Throughout the book, meticulous description is presented to absorb every moment as well as emotion. The illusion of being inside the book, gives the reader the experience of suspense, anxiety, happiness, disparity, and emotions beyond word. The Master’s Muse is a must-read that is so good, that it is dangerous. Not only has this story taken me for a mighty fine voyage, but I have a gained a true friend.
  • Ani, you have given me and many others a voice. I’ve said this before and I want to say it again because it means to much. I hope every word in the reviews and poems have given you the support you deserve. Keeping up to my promise of support, I trust you to give the story the ending it deserves. You never disappoint, and I don’t think you ever will. I would like to write more but I would be begin rambling and never be able to stop.
  • I send much love and I really hope that I’ll be able to meet you in person to give you a huge hug. Until then, I’ll have to suffice with envying your coworkers. They don’t know of the amazing author in the presence. In a couple of years, when you join the world of successful authors, they will have great pride saying that they knew you. While I will be able to say that I was one of the lucky people that found this diamond in the mine, before it was sent to be made a beautiful accessory.”
  • Because I’m going through major [30 NIGHTS] withdrawals, I went back and read some of my favorite parts of the book. Which coincidentally is every chapter. I truly miss Elisa’s strong lyrical voice and Aiden’s brash, domineering, yet lovable personality. Even though it hurt so much, I read the last two chapters, still hoping things would turnout differently. It’s funny how I know it won’t, but I still hoped because God bless these two people, they love each other so damn much. Beautiful love story. I cannot wait for more. I truly, truly miss them.
  • … This story is rich, pure, and a complete work of art on its own. The mastermind behind this has taught myself, as well as many others about pity, generosity, courage, love, and a pressing issue of the world. With such enriched meaning, this story is the image of sheer perfection…
  • Although I will endeavor to express my love for this book, I cannot do it with just words. They will not successfully hold the emotions that I have towards you and your masterpiece… I wish you all the best, with your journey to sharing your literature with the world.
  • Can you please tell me where I can find book two ?  Thanks in advance!
  • This story is phenomenal! I too felt a gut wrenching pain coming from my throat. Gosh…I am left without words. Great writing and thank you for you time. Please let me know when you will post book two. I can not wait to read it. Thank you for you imagination and creativity.
  • So surreal, heart wrenching pain is felt when I read this story. This story is disseminated at it’s best. I like how you write it. Wow, you really touch my soul. Thank you for writing.
  • Have you started the 2nd book yet? I am crying so hard right now that i need the relief of the 2nd book… this was awesome until the last chapter, but it still is awesome…
  • [30 NIGHTS] 2 PLEASE! Killing me softly here!
  • I found this story a few days ago and I have not been able to put it down. Its beautiful story, a bit intense sometimes especially the end but I loved it. I really cant wait for book 2, please post it soon or put on online for us to buy. I’m not an author but I love reading and your story is well written and definitely one of the best.
  • Your story has blown my mind and ripped my heart in two. It is beautiful, sophisticated, and I have fallen in love with it. I love that you chose to allow [Elisa] go return home, and am desperate to see how you decide to treat this turn of events. I cannot make any suggestions because I trust your narrative decisions implicitly – and this is a serious first for me. Imagine my utter distress to discover that [30 NIGHTS]II has not been posted yet. Please, for the sake of all that is holy, post Chapter 1 soon (tomorrow works well for me!). There is a lot of average fanfiction out there, so thank you so much for punctuating the standard that I have come to expect with your heartwrenching but enamouring book. Love you longtime xx.
  • I have spend about 3 days reading this story by request of a friend and I have not pay attention to anything else. The details and research was amazing. You are truly gifted and I hope to hear about this story very soon. I never read 50 shades of gray but after this I think I will run out and buy it.
  • Just finished. Could not put this down from the very beginning. It was FABULOUS…I cried so much reading your story. Sad ending, but I am glad there is a book II and a happy ending. They have gone on such an emotional ride, it’s heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this. I cannot wait for the sequel.
  • Honestly, i think your fic is one of the best stories I ever read and i read a lot of books! So well written. I’m amazed by your talent, almost a little jealous I have to admit…
  • It was perfect. Sad, romantic, sexy. I hope you will publish this story. That’s a masterpiece honestly!…
  • I can’t wait the second book. I don’t know why i waited so long to read your story. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. You have to know you made me cry a lot of time. I read the whole story in 4 days. I was so hooked. That’s almost crazy…
  • Once again, I am completely stunned. The finale was nothing short of spectacular, but then again, it’s really no surprise at all that you saved the best for last!
  • I have felt a strong connection with this story from the very start, and it has been a one-of-a-kind experience watching it grow into the phenomenon that it is today. Thank you so much for this incredible ride. Please come back with out takes, Aidan’s POV, or whatever else your time allows. I wish you all the best as you prepare for publication. I know we’ll see it in print and online very soon. One day when your book becomes an international bestseller, I will look back and fondly remember that I was there when it all began 🙂
  • I don’t typically review because honestly what can I say that others have not. However this story has captivated me since earlier today and I haven’t stopped reading since discovering it all 40 chapters. It’s simply amazing … Your story was everything a reader could wish for original sound riveting heart wrenching. I anxiously await the next book.
  • Oh Wow! What a wonderful, wonderful story!
  • Oh, how I’m going to missed the updates! I’ve become so addicted to your story. I was dreading the end! But, to be honest, it was an amazing end.
  • This story was seriously a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you the best for your career, Ani. You deserve it :).
  • The final chapter. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to re-read this chapter so I could review…but each time I found a new spot to cry and had to stop. I’m so thankful to have found this story… Your vision and faculty to create such honest and genuine characters makes each word mean something. There was never a moment where you threw in something for shock value or as filler – every arc, every scene, every clue was meaningful for the development of the story!
  • There’s no shortage of words to commend you on an excellent piece of work. I wish you nothing but luck and well wishes as you finalize the last few stages of publication and eagerly wait for Book II…Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful journey and to celebrate all of your successes with you.
  • Oh my God! My heart is palpitating… I anxiously await book two. I will be keeping an eye out for you so that I can see when it starting to be posted. Very nicely done…
  • Brilliant. Wonderful. Heartbreaking… It was emotion-ridden, and so well written.
  • The eloquence of your writing allowed us to connect with the characters in ways that are rare in even published works. There were qualities in Aiden, Elisa, and Javier that I admired, desired and could relate to. They had dimension, and were extremely well-developed throughout the course of your story. Above all, it was so refreshing to discover a strong female protagonist, unwilling to compromise her morals and integrity for anyone, even her true love. I had only just begun to read —- in January when you first posted [30 NIGHTS] and this captured me instantly. I’ve been reading as a guest but I decided to finally make an account this week to be able to leave this thank you message to you. It’s been such a pleasure to watch this story grow from the very beginning, and I’m happy knowing the character’s tales aren’t over yet and their happy endings are inevitable… I will be waiting patiently and excitedly for Book 2.
  • …The issues you tackle and the research you must have done is far and away above anything else I’ve read. Immigration law, expiring work visas, scientific formulas, Company investments, PTSD… are all subjects that had to require a ton of research. One would think you have doctors, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, officers of the court & prison holding cells and military personnel on retainer.
  • And then there’s your writing. Outstanding! Second to none! It’s been a real pleasure reading your work. I consider myself very lucky to have found your story. I am so there for [30 NIGHTS] 2!
  • Amazingly creative! This is a most interesting story line you have created with these characters. Very impressive.
  • Again, I feel like I am writing an essay and I need to write an outline so I don’t forget anything… I can’t get over the amount of research and facts you put into this, while still weaving your romance and magic. It leaves me breathless… You are a master story teller. I am entranced.
  • So sad to have the sunset on Book 1. More than hopeful for the sunrise of Book 2. Thank you for writing such beautiful and moving work. My tears have flown good and plenty in the course of these 40 chapters and ranged from rage to fear to sadness to utter joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Simply beautiful and masterful! I truly can not wait for the second book thank you so much for this wonderful and beautiful story.
  • Dear Ani, I live in two worlds. One is filled with books. I have had the pleasure to see the world through many characters. One of which is Elisa. I have weeped with her in despair, and felt as light as a feather in her times of happiness. It has been a magnificent voyage in which I have been honoured to be a companion of Elisa’s. However, all exciting things must come to and end and this is a fine example of one. As the end of this book approaches, I am reluctant to say a farewell to characters that have made a home in my other world…
  • You write so beautifully. This has become one of my most favorite fanfics EVER! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
  • Ani, everytime I think you cannot do any better, you surpass all my expectations…
  • Brilliant as always. You are a true talent and an inspiration.
  • Amazing! Moving, outstanding and intelligent!
  • Wonderful.  Your writing had so much expression, it touches readers to the core.
  • This is brilliant. Beautifully, beautifully written. You are so detailed, precise, warm in your writing. I just eat it up.
  • Fantastic writing, fantastic story. The really know how to make love, so meaningful, so romantic. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Congrats on such a great story.
  • Amazing! Like your other reviewers, I also pledge that I will: (i) buy your book, (ii) help spread the word about your beautiful writing, and (iii) post reviews to help entice a publisher to purchase your beautiful story. Thank you for the lovely poem on Facebook.
  • Chilling. This is really incredible story telling. Bravo.
  • This story is captivating. There are no other words…
  • Wow! I started reading this today and am very much intrigued. Love your take and style on these characters, very much so. Please continue through the end as you see it. Very nicely done so far. I’m as engrossed as I was reading E.L. James’ trilogy.
  • Like many others I’ve found out about this story on facebook and I am glad I gave it a try. It’s so well written and the characters were so different from the actual book which was why I loved them even more. You brought them to life. There’s times when I felt like I was reading a poetry. Maybe it was intentional but it was beautiful. I could see you had put a lot of time, effort and brainstorming into this lovely story.
    I hope this story makes it out to the public because it deserves a cover. But in the meantime I hope you could grace us with more chapters and a beautiful satisfying ending before it gets pulled from the site. Thank you.
  • After all the talk about your story on Facebook I thought I would give it a try. And did I ever! I couldn’t stop reading it. I don’t know what to say.. But WOW!
  • This is very creative, never thought of something like this.
  • I love your story!…i even bunked my class just to read this story…i was soooo engrossed!…
  • Superb!
  • I “discovered” this story a few weeks ago and since then I have found it both intriguing and extremely well written. You have a well honed focus on the subject matter and plot which shows in each chapter that you have written. I find myself wishing that it was a book that I could hold in my hands and turn each page with anticipation.
  • So simple but perfect. I am really enjoying this story and that your characters share very little with the names in fsog. I can see why this story is so popular!
  • Just one word, BRILLIANT!
  • A perfect chapter…as usual. It was just gut-wrenching to read but also fascinating for me given my line of work. The girls on FSOG FF facebook page always chat about your chapters, but I recommended we not do that with this chapter because it’s such a game-changing chapter. It would really diminish the effect for the ladies who’ve not read it yet. Are you on facebook? Anyway, I can’t wait to go back and read the earlier chapters again knowing what I know now, and I promise to leave reviews on them this time. I was just so absorbed when I was reading the first time (especially since you dropped the first 8 chapters all at once! – or however many it was) that I kept thinking, “Oh I will go back and review the chapters.” I was so blown away that I never did. 🙂 To say that we are all waiting on pins and needles to find out more would be a gross understatement. Always looking forward to the next update!
  • Your story was recommended to me by SEVERAL of your readers, and I must say, one chapter in and I am already enthralled. So original nd very well written. Thank you for sharing your talent.


21 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Vicky says:

    I read your story on fanfiction when you had the full version on there. Fell in love with it. Can’t wait to see what happens next in the story. You are very talented!!

  2. Marcela says:

    Read it when it was up on fanfiction, and I LOVED IT. Please post part 2 soon as I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

  3. Nan Virden says:

    Question: was this a story you wrote and adapted the names to fit FSOG FF or visa versa. It’s beautiful and I adore it. You should be very proud.


    • asurnois says:

      Nan, yes, this was my original story and I used the names of FSOG to try my hand at writing and see if anyone would like it. I am so glad that you are enjoying it. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. bjbergen says:

    I had read Master’s Muse on ff & loved it, now can’t wait until all chapters of 30 nights are up so I can read them again, also already loving the beginning of 90 days.
    Will you be continuing Aiden’s Nights? Love the fact we can get a glimpse into his head.
    Thanks! Love your writing! Can’t get enough of it!!


    • asurnois says:

      Hey there, thanks Nancy! I am glad you are enjoying it. I am posting them as soon as time permits – my real life job and other matters have been demanding of late. Thanks for understanding.

  5. Nancy says:

    Thanks for such a quick response. I am just thrilled to hear there is still more to come, I was a little worried. But now I’ll just keep checking for the next upload. I’m dying to see where the story goes. I’m one of those who didn’t get to finish all your chapters before you took them off of FF. So I guess you could say I’m a little anxious to read the rest LOL. Thanks again

  6. Sophie says:

    Your writing has such a dreamlike quality. I so look forward to new chapters. I’m thrilled each time nor posts, and you just posted THREE, And last time you posted two.
    My only regret is that you plan to end the story, and on. I would like it to go on forever, thank you.

    • asurnois says:

      Hey Sophie – thank you so much for this note! So glad you are enjoying it. Don’t worry – I have more planned for you. Aiden POV which will include new parts you have not seen. Lots of skipped holidays and parts about their countdown. Sequel, etc… I’m addicted to them so don’t worry. 🙂 xo

  7. Mari says:

    I can’t wait for your sequel and this is so much better than the ChristianAna fanfic. I know you needed to try your hand with that fan fic, but this is superior in your characterizations and your amazing writing style. The original Fifty is barely literate. (I read it twice to see if there was any literary value in the Fifty Series and a friend said “You know that’s not why we’re reading it, right?.)
    Your fiction is real, the characters bleed and love and are passionate in all aspects of their lives. Even the minor characters like Javier’s sisters are so well written that they can step out of the pages. We know these people. We may not know their stories, and their pain, but we have met them, talked with them and interacted with them. You had mentioned to me previously that you have a lot of knowledge about the issues you are writing about and it shows.
    I have a friend who still suffers PTSD from the Vietnam War. And he has a destroyed marriage, has been unable to settle on one woman, has not been able to take care of his children or settle down to a steady job. And yes, he was in special forces.
    In addition to all the political information you are handing us, you are telling us the real information about our wounded warriors who are not only handling PTSD issues, but many who have closed head injuries that change their personalities forever. And in the middle of all this horror and angst you have written a beautiful love story about Clare and Peter who have raised their daughter to have courage, faith and love. In addition, you have added the beauty of Antonio and Maria’s story. Their financial struggles, but with the strength and beauty to raise such a superior person as Javier and their daughters. They are so awesome to welcome Elisa into their midst as family and save her failing soul. I am glad for this ending. It is more hopeful than the first one. Elisa is leaving with sadness and great pain, but with great dignity and the sacrifice and purpose of saving Javier and his family. I can’t wait to see what the note and the letters are. (BTW the sexual scenes are filled with passion and love, beautiful and beautifully written…erotic but not cheap) Thank you for sharing.

    Anxiously awaiting your next installment as well as publication of this book, which I WILL buy.

  8. Mari says:

    OOOPS I didn’t mean your original fanfic was barely literate I meant the original 50 Shades of Grey fiction. Your original fanfic was amazing but this polished version is even more amazing.

  9. Annette Tomplait says:

    Hi, hope all us well. I was so into this story but there has not been any updates since March of 2014. Will you be finishing the story? It is a wonderful story. I would so like to read more.

  10. Tenlew says:

    I love your story and have been worried and wondering what is going on with you, there have been no updates for awhile. Is everything ok?

  11. LiLi says:

    ANI!!! Ugh I miss you. I have been a loyal fan of yours since fan fix and I am so worried that you have fallen off the earth. Please come back to me .. to us your loyal log term fans… I hope all is well
    Love love more Love LiLi

  12. Meg says:

    where are the links to your first book TNS? i started reading years ago as TMM on fan fic but had to walk away for long time but am back and like to re-read but can’t find the links on this crazy page. thanks.

  13. Alicia says:

    I read this story when it was on WordPress and fell in love with it. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones that got to read 90 days. Can you give us any clue as to when the 2nd book will be published? I just got done reading nights on my kindle and can’t wait for the next installment. You are truly talented, your words paint a picture that is so tragically beautiful that it breaks your heart, yet gives you hope for their love at the same time. It’s a true pleasure to read a story with such damaged yet resilient characters, they are so complicated and have so many levels to their personalities that the story just envelops you in this world of sadness, love, heartbreak, guilt, yearning, obsession, etc. It’s a brilliant piece of work.

  14. Annette Tomplait says:

    Thank you so much for writing this in Aidens perspective Ani. It was wonderful. I cannot wait for the next book. I have missed this story so much.

  15. Alicia G Shepherd says:

    Ms. Keating I was unfortunate to not be able to read your stories originally. I read 30 nights, and it was just so…. I don’t know. Just so many things. Heartbreaking , yes, and then it would give you a reprieve, just long enougj to geel the characyers happiness, their love, and that that cliched, overused, predictable feeling of, “they love each other too much, nothing can keep them apart.” I know I’m not the only one that knew this happiness that they had been feeling wouldn’t last. But of course, like fools we have that small part in our brain that tells us yes!! Live will conquer all! Then we realize that, although, this is fiction it is written by a woman who does not shy away from what love is really like. Frustrating, confusing, all consuming, and it makes us act like grade 1 idiots. Of course it hand to end like it did, of course Aiden is going to blame himself, punish himself and Issa, well shes vacillating between despising him and wanting him back with her so much she is pushing it to the very back of her mind so it can’t hurt her. We know, we know that he royally screwed up…he is flawed and damaged and, well so frustratingly stubborn he’d rather hide and I’m guessing contemplating death than deal with his major, major fuck up. Men…and they say we’re dramatic. Get a grip Aiden. Get your sexy as hell head out of your equally sexy ass and get this fixed. Work through your shit and go get your girl you idiotic, stubborn, dumb, selfpitying, beautifull genius. And Ani…yes, you. I love you girl but if I don’t get to see how this plays out soon. I’ll…ill… nothing….but know I will be severely hurt and disappointed. That’s right…let that sink in. Feel that ache in your chest yet…that’s me willIg you to finish this story. I believe my work here is done Ms. Keating…..i think you know what you must do….. bring us the 2nd book. Or so help me I will have no other course of action but to write another comment….think real long and hard about that (I mean don’t really cause that would be weird) but I’ll take a good 2-5 seconds.
    I love your writing , it’s truthful and real and has the right amount of romance..
    I hope you achieve all the goals you set your mind to. I hope your life is surrounded by people that love you, make you happy, and the one thing that makes it all worth it sharing laughter and good times with those you hold dearest.

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