Ninety Days (American Beauty, Book 2)

Aiden and Elisa’s journey continues in Ninety Days.  Below is an excerpt from the Prologue. 

red rose isolated on black background, clipping path.

CONTAINS SPOILERS. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIRTY NIGHTS. This excerpt is an unedited version.  It may or may not appear in the published version.


The last breath is similar to the first one, they say.  Violent on the lungs, thirsting for life.  But as the gasp of air leaves my mouth, I understand the difference.  For the first breath, there is always someone waiting.

I re-read Benson’s note, each crossed “t” and each dotted “i”, over and over again. For clues. For answers. For anything that may explain how Aiden Hale—the man I know—ended seven dreams, eight if you count mine.

Benson's letter (cropped)

My eyes zoom in on that last sentence.  What does Benson know about our mistakes? About our regrets? What rules is he breaking? Why? A faint tremor starts to vibrate between my lungs—where Aiden’s origin used to be—then it fades and disappears. There is nothing in these letters written fifteen years ago—nothing in the words of a still-whole soldier—that could salvage what happened today.  The selfless warrior I loved and the devoted survivor I was are no more.

©2015 Ani Keating