Where and when will the book be out for sale?

Thirty Nights comes out on November 17, 2015, and it will be available for pre-order on October 18, 2015 (very, very soon).  I will post order links here under the book page and the home page as soon as I get them, most likely the week of October 12.  The book will be available as an e-book on Amazon, Kindle, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository (I think), on Samhain Publishing’s website, etc.  It will be available on print at Barnes & Noble, and at other bookstores, including print-on-demand.

How will the published version of Thirty Nights differ from the story posted on the blog and/or fan fiction?

There will be many new scenes, new chapters, new moments between Aiden and Elisa that have never been posted online.  Most of these were part of my original vision for the story and characters, and others were developed through the editing process.  One of the main differences that seasoned Thirty Nights readers will see are a few new plot twists that shape the story.  There are also some character differences because the first versions included some traits to fit the FSOG fandom.  However, the core of my characters, their journey, and—above all—their love remain the same. In the end, I am enormously happy with and proud of the final product, which incorporates my plans and original thoughts for the story as well as some experienced advice from two excellent editors.  I am lucky to have them.

This of course means that everyone will find something new in Thirty Nights.  Maybe we’ll have a contest of who can see the most differences. 🙂

How many books will there be?

Three, hopefully.  Thirty Nights is Book 1 in the American Beauty series.  Ninety Days is Book 2, and there will be a Book 3 after Elisa and Aiden’s journey is completed.  I don’t have release dates for the other two books, but will keep you posted on what happens.

Are there plans for Thirty Nights to become a movie?

Although there has been some interest from independent movie companies, at the moment, I own the movie rights and we don’t have solid plans on this front. I’m just happy that it is getting published and, if it does well, we will cross those (happy) bridges when we get there.

Will Thirty Nights be available as an audio-book?

There are no plans at the moment for it to be an audio-book.  Those decisions are made later, depending on sales performance, budgets, editor and author discussions, etc.

Does the fact that the book is getting published mean that you will stop posting Thirty Nights chapters and updates on here? What the hell?

(Or some version of the above :-)) The bad news is that, yes, sadly, I won’t be able to post Thirty Nights chapters on the website periodically like the good, ole’ days.  That’s because Thirty Nights is now also owned by a publisher, and the material is under contract. The good news is that I will be posting outtakes and extras and other stories from the Thirty Nights and American Beauty universe.  I am also working on new stories and projects, and will let you know as they take shape.

Do you have any new projects that you are working on?

Yes. Once the words start, it’s hard to stop them (without starting to have conversation with imaginary people on the street, that is).  Anyway, aside from Ninety Days, I’m working on a book based on legends and on a young adult novel.  You can read more about my future writing projects here, in an interview I recently did with Bryan Patterson.  As I work on those projects, I will announce the plans here on the website.

Will you write from Aiden’s and/or Javier’s perspective?

I have written some scenes from Aiden’s POV, which will be available on here on the website, after Thirty Nights is released.  I also have written a scene from Javier’s POV, which you can find here.  Javier’s own story is (hopefully) Book 3, but I have not decided which POV it will be told from.

Is Aiden real?  Where can I find him?

Aiden is not real.  He was inspired by Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester.  His military background was inspired by stories related to the Iraq/Afghanistan war (although it’s purely fictional).  He lives in my head.  You can learn more about Aiden (including his favorite things and a picture of his, umm, abs) here.

What about Javier?  Is he real? Where should I send him my fan mail?

Javier is a little more real than Aiden, but still not real and purely fictional.  He was partially inspired by immigrants I have met, known, or heard about over the years.  Javier, too, lives in my head. But you can send him messages through me. He loves it if you add some drawings too.  You can learn more about Javier and his favorite things here.

Does Elisa exist?  If so where is she, so I can stalk her so I can get to Aiden and/or Javier?

Elisa does not exist, but I really wish she did. I have a feeling we would be best friends,after she figures out a way to poison me first for the way I ended Book 1.  Currently, Elisa lives in my head, although in a separate (and very cute) house from Javier and Aiden. You can learn more about Elisa and her favorite things here.

How do you write sex scenes?  Do you experiment?

Oh boy, this is a tough one.  Usually, they form in my head long before they go on paper.  My rule with sex scenes is that they have to serve a purpose, send a message.  But I’m not great at following rules (I’m like Aiden that way) so I slip and throw in lemons all the time because these two characters are so good at it.  Anyway…I digress… Of the scenes in the book so far, I have only had to rehearse one.  Take a guess which one…

Is Thirty Nights a true story or an autobiography?

No.  Thirty Nights is pure fiction! However, it was partially inspired by some aspects of U.S. immigration laws as they may have existed at the time the story was conceived and written.

If I am in trouble with immigration, can I do this and I will be okay?

No.  This is fiction, not legal advice.  If you are in trouble with immigration, chat with a lawyer.  Like Bob Norman in the book.  🙂

What is the message of this story?  Are you a bleeding-heart liberal or a staunch conservative?

My message for the story is for each reader to find his or her own message.  I have strong views on the subjects I’m exploring but I wouldn’t be telling a good story if I wasted your time preaching about them.  So my only message is love’s power, whether we need redemption, salvation, liberation, or anything in between.  So, I guess, if I’m a bleeding-heart anything, I’m a bleeding-heart romantic.


13 thoughts on “FAQ’s

    • asurnois says:

      Twinkie55, yes, there is a book, and you are on that book’s website. The book is called 30 Nights of Snow, and it is under the 30 Nights of Snow page/tab in this website. There are only the first 9 chapters up for free. The book is not yet published. You will also see under the tab “Aiden’s Night” that the first chapters are told from the perspective of the male lead as well. Click and play around and if you have any questions, let me know. Thank you – Ani S. (author

      • Kim Steel says:

        When will the book be published, where can I get it? I have never been so gripped by a story…

      • asurnois says:

        Hi Kim, thank you so much for liking my story!! I wish I had an answer to your question as to when it will get published, but I am not sure yet. A publishing house has to accept it first. 🙂 If anyone does, you and the rest of my followers will be the first to know. I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. 🙂 xo, Ani

  1. Becky says:

    First I have to say, I have fallen in love with this story. Your writing is amazing!!! Second, is there anywhere I can read 30 Nights of Snow in its entirety?? I’ve not been able to read past chapter 19.

  2. L O says:

    Do you have personal experience with Marines? Such as your husband or boyfriend or possibly a sibling or a close friend?
    I have wondered, as I have been reading, when you include the little details I think are not much known to those not a Marine themselves or those closest to them.

    • asurnois says:

      L.O., thank you so much for asking and showing interest? It’s good to e-meet you. 🙂 I studied PTSD for a dissertation, and since then have read a lot, tallked to a lot of people, doctors, neurologists, etc. slowly, people started sharing their stories with me. So it built from here. Does this answer your question? Thanks again!

  3. L.O. says:

    Thank you so much for your reply !!! I really enjoy your story and characters !! I have rr read several times since discovering it. I can ‘ t wait til next week and read more of of Aiden’s POV. (BTW, I sincerely hope he did not turn in Javier. I have two theories: Feign or Griggs ( possibly disgruntled after being fired?) )Then also to read read the published version with any thing you have not yet revealed!!!

    Good Luck with the process !! Keep writing too I for one want to read any stories you may have yet to tell!

  4. Sam says:

    Hey Ani, I loved your book! The characters are very interesting and different, and I enjoyed your style of writing too! Can I please know when the next book of the series will be published?

  5. Sunshirae says:

    Hi Ani, I am in love with your mastery in writing, your thoroughly processed information, devotion, adoration and passion to your character’s and your incredible story. I will tell you that I have experience in both Immigration and PTSD. So your book made sense to me. In so many levels. I will elaborate a little about my brother whom I love dearly. He came to live with me and my family after he came back from Iraq. He transferred over. There is a station near by. He’s been in the Army for nearly 20 yrs. He’s been to afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi and many other places in the Middle East and in the world. Anyway, it’s true what you say, if you see them having a bad dream…leave them ALONE. It’s a fact! I went to my brother because he was yelling, wailing, twitching, thrashing and moving in the bed like he was using a knife trying to protect himself. He was reciting something about, “this is my rifle” and so on. I called his name a few times, he was out in his own zone. I went to tap his shoulder and he grabbed my arm then he grabbed my body like he was going to do me in…I was not thinking at the time cause I just wanted him to wake up. It broke me seeing my brother like that. All I could think of was I need to help him. My husband came running into the room and saw that my brother had me in his arms, I kept calling my brother, talking to him, trying to wake him up but he was somewhere else mentally. I knew it was bad when I saw the look on my husbands face. He has a military background himself and I heard him tell me stop moving, stay still..then, he said in a harsh voice, “at ease soldier”, he repeated the same, at ease soldier…let her go, he eventually let me go and fell a sleep again in the middle of the living room floor. Hell NO, I was not going to try and wake him again, jeez forget the damn blanket you are on your own now buddy. I could laugh at it now but ,the severity of the situation was frightening. It’s crazy, throughout that time, he had his eyes open but he was a sleep. It took a while for him to wake up. The only thing I could think of was to put music on so he could wake up, we are always playing music and I know in some way it would reach him. It was Sean Paul’s (Temperature) that woke him up. He was singing then he started dancing. I was so overjoyed when he came thru. I will say, it was an experience. I am so thankful I am here today, I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything, I just wanted my brother back. The next day, my brother was embarrassed, sad and had so much remorse that he decided to go rent a home and get it ready for his family, he wanted to distance himself. I was there to help, did not leave alone. So I feel for Aiden and Elisa. Yes, I will be like Elisa wanting to defend and protect, show love and give hm laughter. It will improve his soul. I am so glad you are writing. I am sorry I wrote so much but just wanted to share some experience. You’re the greatest.

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