3. Painter and Muse



The Muse breathes and sighs in ripples

Solid gray and liquid silver,

Swirling, dancing, smiling.

Living…Underneath his fingers.

The Painter paints, waits, wonders,

Stands…In silence.

Persuasive.  Loud, yet quiet,

Painting, convincing, forming.


Neither one gives while the other takes,

Neither one falls while the other stands.

The hook that joins them, the final dance.

Neither one conquered, nor freed in the end.

© 2013 Ani Keating


2 thoughts on “3. Painter and Muse

  1. Kerry says:

    “Neither one stands, while the other falls”, “neither one takes, while the other give.” An apt description of true friendship. Javier and Elisa to their core.

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