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For Whom Does Phosphorus Bark?


Song: Sleepsong, Secret Garden

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Chapter 6 is here!

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The title of this chapter “Sub Rosa Reviresco” has a special meaning to Elisa, as you will see. ¬†It means “Under the Rose, I reflourish.” ¬†Finally, the Blue Roses Poem below is important to this chapter so you may want to refer to it as you read the chapter (or before). ¬†Link and song below. ¬†Pinterest will be uploaded soon, so as not to spoil it for those who will see my postings through my FB page.

Blue Roses

Song:  Way Down in the Hole, The Blind Boys of Alabama

New chapter is up!

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“Let there be light” – Elisa Snow
Phosphorus Sand – this picture is real!

Song: Dark Paradise, Lana Del Rey



Chapter 3 of Sequel: Aurora Borealis

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Song: October, Rosie Thomas¬†¬† (isn’t it a cute coincidence that the singer’s name is Rosie and the video has roses)?


Chapter 2 of 90 Days is up!

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Hope 2014 is off to a good start for you! ¬†I know it’s been since before Christmas, but here ¬†is the second chapter of 90 Days. ¬†You’ll notice some changes in the website, too: now the sequel has its own tab above per your requests. ¬†In addition, there are two new Pinterest boards, one for Elisa’s ¬†new wardrobe and one for the sequel, which includes many things mentioned in this chapter, from the Cottage door to‚Ķ well‚Ķ ¬†no spoilers.

I hope you enjoy it. ¬†There will be more Aiden coming up, and more sequel. ¬†Link, song, and new Pinterest boards below. ¬†ūüôā ¬†THANK YOU!!


“The Cottage stands there, with the presence of soul and the absence of time.” – Elisa Snow, Chapter 2, 90 Days

Song: I Am Coming Home, Skylar Grey,

Pinterest Fun: 90 DAYS, ¬† ¬†ELISA’S NEW WARDROBE,¬†

Three more chapters up (getting there!!)

Hey lovelies… here we go! ¬†Three more up. ¬†I know these are hard: ¬†but hopefully, among the hardship and tears, you will see the beauty of these three souls. My goal is to highlight the hidden terror of PTSD.¬†We all get the terror of Elisa and Javier but Aiden, like most PTSD soldiers and Marines, hides it all inside. It was very hard for me to write his past through a third-person but I knew Aiden himself would never “tell.” ¬†That’s the curse of PTSD – silence and judgment. ¬†I hope to God that real people who live with it find as much love as Aiden has and allow themselves to accept it. ¬†ūüôā

The last two chapters will be posted together tonight or tomorrow. ¬†I thought it would be easier on you this way than rush through all of them. ¬†Thank you as always for your support, messages, and encouragement – including those of you who commented for the first time!! Love hearing from you and it makes this process so much more enjoyable. ¬†There’s no writer without a reader – that’s the truth. ¬†And I have been blessed with the best readership I could have asked for. Truly! ¬†As questions come up, feel free to email me. ¬†It will take me a few days to get to them all while preparing everything else, but I will get back to you.

New and senior readers alike will find new things in these chapters. ¬†Specifically, more of Aiden’s backstory. ¬†Also, of course, I am keeping more surprises for the official version that gets published (whether by a publisher or me so there are things that will be new at that time. ¬†This way, you feel like you get something new each time, specially those who know the story so well by now.)

Songs and links for all these chapters are below.  THANK YOU!


Song for Chapter 36, Corpus Elisa – O Fortuna, Carmina Burana (the video contains the translated lyrics from Latin. ¬†I can’t think of another song better suited for this chapter.)¬†

Song for Chapter 37, The Way Only a Man Can РPaint It Black, The Rolling Stones,

Song for Chapter 38, Marshall РBonfires, Blue Foundation,

Chapter 24 of TMM/30N is up (link and song below)

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting! ¬†I am so lucky to have such great readers. ¬†A special shout out to Lyn R. this week for her helpful edit recommendations and sharp eye. ¬†As promised, we will be moving quickly now. ¬†Every day. ¬†Chapter 24 coming up. ¬†Also, by popular demand (which has shocked even me), I will incorporate book recommendations, reviews, etc., going forward. ¬†Nothing big but I always get questions on what books I am reading – ¬†perhaps because of the classics and the poetry references in 30N. ¬†So I will keep them short and to the point so that those of you who don’t want to hear about them, can ignore them easily. ¬†Those of you who want to geek out on books, the more the merrier. ¬†Join the group, recommend anything you want. ¬†Okay. ¬†Hope you like this chapter! ¬†And thanks to those who have responded on the Louboutin challenge. ¬†Let me know if anyone else is interested and I will include you in the submission as well.


Song. ¬†This little tune is very rare and difficult to find. ¬†But it’s a beautiful song and it often plays in my head when I think of how hard I fell for my hubby (that’s a different story). ¬†The Moth and The Flame, Les Deux Love Orchestra. ¬†They have it on spotify/facebook, not even on youtube! ¬†Also on iTunes. ¬†It’s such a beautiful song if you can find it.


Ch. 23 of TMM/30N is up (link and song below)

Thank you everyone for all your comments!! Love hearing from you. ¬†I will be posting the next several chapters very quickly so get ready. ¬†ūüôā ¬† I have to share this because it makes me giggle: ¬†the song for this chapter was my and my husband’s first dance at our wedding. ¬†Okay, thanks for indulging me. ¬†xo, Ani


Song  Baila Morena, Julio Iglesias


Chapter 22 of TMM/30N is up (link and song below, and a little challenge)

Thank you everyone for following, reading, writing to me, commenting, and sharing this journey with me. ¬†As always, you make the trip worth it. ¬† The painting below is titled Snow Stars – given Elisa’s last name, I found it appropriate for this chapter. ¬† See fun challenge below (thanks Analeyna!)


Snow Stars.

Song:  This Is What Makes Us Girls, Lana Del Rey,  (one of my favorites Рto all my girls out there.)

Fun Challenge: ¬†A couple of you liked the Marine Corps Louboutins ¬†on my Pinterest enough to suggest that we all try to write a little snippet about Elisa, Aiden, or ourselves involving the shoes (below). ¬†It doesn’t have to be long. ¬†No rules. I don’t have prizes except to offer that I write a snippet of 30N or 90D (except the ending) for the winner. ¬†So this is just for fun. ¬†If you feel up to it, here is the SHOE! I wish I owned this! ¬†Let me know, and we can post the entries here. ¬†Or you can do it anonymously too, if you’re shy. ¬† Either way, you’re wonderful!


U.S Marine Corps Louboutins

Chapter 21 of 30N/TMM is up (song and link below)

Hey lovies, I know these next chapters are a bit hard on the heart so I will post them quickly so not to keep you in suspense. ¬†But, they are consistent with Aiden’s blind commitment to do what’s right. ¬†Hang in there. ¬†And thank you to Bunny Wallace for suggesting to me the payment structure for Javier. ¬†Thank you also to all my usual readers and reviewers who continuously support me and remind me why I am doing this: ¬†because you enjoy it. ¬†All my love, Ani.


Song:  Feist, Limit to Your Love


90 Days of Hale: Chapter 1- Amor Vincit Omnia

Hello everyone, this used to be the first chapter of 30N sequel but it has now been removed so that the story can be published.  Hopefully you will soon hold it in your hands.  Thank you so checking and hope to see you soon! РAni.


Song:  Suo Gan,

Check out the images on 30 Nights Pinterest.

Thank you for the wonderful support!

90 Days of Hale ©2013 Ani Surnois

Ch. 19 of TMM/30N and the song that always makes me cry… This is for my dad (he would know why!)

It has been over 14 years since I cannot listen to this song without tears in my eyes. ¬†This one is for my dad, who is Elisa’s father namesake and inspiration! ¬†Love you daddy, even though you probably can’t read this!


Song: ¬†Adriano Celentano, Il Tempo Se Ne Va (Time Goes By) (about a father and daughter, see translated lyrics from Italian below)¬†–dqleeZ43M

Lyrics Translated ¬†“Time Goes By”

That dress, where did you snag it?
What an astonishment
to see you wear it,
if your mother sees you, you know
tonight, we will be in deep trouble.
It’s strange but it’s really you
14 years old, or maybe a little older
You haven’t held your Barbie for some time now
And your walk is that of a lady now.

The phone calls are always a secret,
how many words in a single breath
I’d like to ask you who it is
but I know you will be embarrassed
The door is shut badly and you
on the mirror, doing your make-up
showing your cleavage.
soon, you will go out at night
and on those nights, I will never sleep

And so the time goes by
and you no longer feel like a little girl
growing in fear of your age
I had not realized it before
And so the time goes by
among dreams and worries
lacy stockings have already replaced
the white knee-length socks

Becoming a woman is natural
but a daughter
is something special
Maybe you already have a boyfriend
how many times have you cried for him
The skirt a little short and then
Malice in some of your gestures
and soon, you will go out at night
those nights, I will never sleep

And so the time goes by
and you no longer feel like a little girl
growing in fear of your age
I had not realized it before
And so the time goes by
among dreams and worries
lacy stockings have already replaced
the white knee-length socks.


Ch. 18, a poem, and a thought… thank you as always (links below)

I always read poems about a woman’s beauty, but not enough of them about the beauty of a man. ¬†This poem is Elisa’s conception of Aiden’s beauty. ¬†I hope you like it. ¬†Song and poem below (the song’s lyrics are perfect for this).



Your body knows no beauty that falls softly

Loosened as the moonlight on my skin,

Lilacs don’t bloom with your fragrance,

Petals don’t open at your whim.

Your beauty knows nothing of azure light,

Of droplets of dew or blossoms of cherries.

Suspended in your dense, perfumed breath,

I think of steel, not of lavender prairies.

You come with a violent beauty, like war,

One that tears through body and blood.

I crave no touch but your rough, iron hands,

As I lay sodden in your carnal flood.

Your beauty storms, beats, defiles,

Sharp tempests of air in my burning lungs.

I know my margins only from your fire,

My riverbeds and valleys only from your tongue.

Your skin doesn’t soothe, it flays me alive

I break under your fingers as morsels of bread

Clasped around your salty infinity

Your hardness shatters me like spume over crags.

I bear the brunt of your opulent being

Like this I love you, neither wrong nor right

But a man with clenched body and mind

The love I love loves me fierce and blind.

Song:  Une Femme Amoureuse, Mireille Mathieu (the words are PERFECT, translated below)

Translated lyrics:

Time flies like crazy
But today it stops for us
You look at me and who knows if you see me,
But I see only you,
I have only one question,
Your eyes, my eyes
And I sing your name
If someone else comes
I’ll drive him away and I will protect myself.

I am a woman in love
And inside me burns the desire of building around you
The walls of my life,
It’s my right to love you
And to want to protect you
Above all.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Are only one day, when you hold my hand
It’s like a fantastic plan made in heaven
For the love between us,
To be together for a long time
Or separated by oceans.
If danger comes
I’ll eliminate it and I’ll protect myself

30 Nights Poems ©2013 Ani Surnois

30 Nights of Snow ©2013 Ani Surnois

Chapter 13 of TMM/30N is up (link below)

Thank you everyone who is following and commenting here.  And welcome to all the new readers and followers (almost 400 in the last week)!!!  You are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for the appreciation you have shown me.

After a short break from 30N with the prologue for 90D last week, I’m continuing to post the remaining chapters of TMM/30 Nights, as promised. ¬†As before, each chapter comes with the painting I think represents it best, a poem I have written for it, and the song that played in my head when I wrote it. ¬† ¬†As for 90D, there will be some additional teasers off an on… ¬†Thank you so much!! ¬†Links below.


Cinderella found.


Of your open mouth,

I have learned to expect

the ocean air that keeps me alive

the cinnamon scent that spikes my dreams

the rose’s bloom that laces your smile.

From your parted lips,

I crave too much

A tempest of words that will set me free,

The soft music that mutes battlegrounds,

The sighs that lullaby a man to sleep.

From your open lips,

I desire salvation,

Benediction of my infinite days

But should you wish upon me condemnation,

I want your lips to burn me to the stake.

But of all the burdens I place upon your mouth,

Of all that I crave, and all that I miss,

It goads me love, something profound,

that your petal-lips remember this.

When next they open, they let fall

like crepuscular snow into the abyss,

the secret knowledge, the primal call,

from flesh to ash, they scorch me kiss by kiss.


Song:  Nina Simone, Feeling Good

30 Nights Poems ©2013 Ani Surnois

Introducing 90 DAYS OF HALE, the sequel to 30 NIGHTS OF SNOW…


Ani Surnois



Ani Surnois




Thank you for visiting my blog.  The sequel material has been removed from the site in anticipation of publication.  I hope very much that you will be able to have the book in your hands soon.  Until then, thank you for checking, for liking my story, and for your support.  See you soon! xo, Ani