4 thoughts on “30 Nights Chapter 4 is now up (the original)

  1. hardpouncing says:

    your website is impossible to work with. I can’t pull up the story. maybe you should reconsider this website, have it redone or something? i’m sure i’m not the only one who has given up getting into your stories to read them.


    • asurnois says:

      Jill, i have not received any complaints from anyone and I know all my followers. If you click under the 30 Nights tab, all the chapters are there. And the link on the post works. No one else is having this issue. But if you have given up on the story, that’s fine. You’re free to move on. – My best, Ani

  2. lorraineNiCraith says:


    I was just wondering if the story is still available to read online because I cannot locate any links or tabs to the story.

    Thanks 🙂

    • asurnois says:

      Hi Lorraine 🙂 thanks for checking. Unfortunately, the story is not available on line anymore. But I will be posting it from Aiden’s POV, outtakes, etc. so you can still get your fix. 🙂 Thanks!

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