Covers for 30N and 90D, and Elisa’s Calligraphy…

Some of you asked for the meaning behind the covers (I gave you all a big cyber hug, in a very non-creepy way)… 🙂

These are just dream covers.  Nothing official because I have no clue if the book will ever get published… The cover for 30N is a metaphor for Elisa:  innocent, closed, virginal, guarding a secret, but about to bloom.   The cover for 90D is also a metaphor for Elisa:  now bloomed into a full woman/rose, she is bleeding from within.  The question of the sequel is:  will the blood be a hemorrhage or will it turn into the lifeblood she always wanted?  Oh, and I picked a rose because she grew up with a rose garden, it was her mother’s favorite flower, and it relates to one of the most important moments in Elisa and Aiden’s relationship.

On a scale 1 to 10, how crazy do you think I am?

Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to my awesome artist/ best girlfriend/miracle woman who-manages-to-stay-beautiful-without-even-needing-moisturizer, M, who helped me build this blog and who composed these covers from beautiful pictures to representations of Elisa’s life, as well as Elisa’s calligraphy.  Love you with  my life, M!!

And here they are… 🙂

Image 2




12 thoughts on “Covers for 30N and 90D, and Elisa’s Calligraphy…

  1. Nan Virden says:

    On a scale from one to ten on your craziness, Ani, minus 100. That’s how crazy your covers are. They are beautiful and sensible. Just like you. It shows in every word you write. Anxious to read more Snow, more Hale, more Nights, more Letters. Thank you so much for sharing this perfection.

  2. Lulu Price says:

    Ani, I love these covers. They absolutely get to the heart of what 30 Nights and 90 Days are about. I have faith that the blood will be her life blood. what keeps Elisa going. It will be her strength. Love it.

  3. AlexOnFire says:

    WOW! I love this. First Nights… then Days… and the meaning behind flowers is brilliant. I am in awe.

  4. Huneza says:

    The covers are so beautiful, just like all the pictures you choose and the words you write. Oh, and you are far from crazy, more on the genius side.

  5. wendy1fitgily says:

    You are off the charts on the crazy scale, but only for saying that you have no clue if the books will be published. Lol. When I looked at both cover photos, thousands of flashbacks came crashing over me, it was a physical reaction beyond what my eyes were seeing. It was stunning, comforting, and hopeful.

  6. Claudia S. says:

    Not crazy al all….. Can’t wait to read / purchase these stories…. I was able to read only a few chapters of TMM before you deleted them and I fell immediately in love with this story and your writing skills. I’m in awe of you!!!!

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