Aiden gives hints on sequel and Goodbye for now Thirty Nights!!!

Hey lovelies (*says while sobbing hysterically),

I have a sequel/Aiden surprise for you (see below Fabulous Gandy as Aiden) but please read this intro to get some context.  The story is now down.  (My husband had to do it – I was too much of a crying mess – yes, I am insane.)  But Aiden is coming soon to the rescue as he always does.  Bless him, today he kicked my ass when I was having to take breaks between some work presentations to marshal some tears.  So, here is something for you: An interview with Aiden, where he answers some of your questions and gives some hints about the sequel.  Hope you like it.



Ani:  Aiden, thank you for coming here today.

AH:  Did I have a choice in the matter?

AS:  No, not really. I’m still thankful though – I know you are really miserable right now.

AH:  Miserable?   That’s what you call it?

AS:  Ummm… what would you call it?

AH:  Dead and unburied while being pissed on by Iraqi insurgents in a ditch full of shit and having the words “fuck me in the ass” cut out on your chest and shrapnel under your fingernails comes close.  But, tomato – tomato.

AS:  Ah…. that sounds… shitty?

AH:  If you have an ounce of decency as a woman, you will not try puns with me.

AS:  Good point.  Though I don’t really have decency.

AH:  Clearly – judging by the hell you have left me in since you finished your “book” on May 19th, at 6:37 p.m.  Hideous pajamas by the way.

AS:  Umm… I can always take them off?

AH:  Disgusting.

AS:  Then behave.  Where are Jazz and the others?

AH:  Right next me, as you can see.

AS:  Why are they holding on to your arms for dear life?

AH:  Because my last words to them were “I only leave the cabin dead.”

AS:  Interesting command – and a good segue.  We have some readers that are seriously worried about you.

AH:  They have my deepest gratitude.  I demand that you put them and me out of our joint ditch of shit very soon.

AS:  I’m writing as fast as I can but I’m really picky about my Oxford commas.

AH:  Do. Not. Mention. Oxford. To. Me.

AS:  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Okay, mental note. No references to England if you want to live through the night.  Moving on to other questions.  Have you talked to Benson recently?

AH:  Ob.Vious.Ly.

AS:  Is he alive?

AH: Define alive.

AS:  Ah…. breathing and conscious?

AH:  Yes.

AS:  Does he still work for you?

AH:  Theoretically.

AS: Where is he now?

AH:  Undoing dirty deeds.

AS:  What about your parents?  Are they still in Thailand?

AH:  No.

AS:  Where are they?

AH:  On a plane.

AS:  Where are you right now?

AH:  In your fucked-up head.

AS:  Ummm… where exactly?

AH:  I cannot disclose that.  But there is an empty building next to me and I use the term building -.

AS: Okay, okay, no details.  Less risky questions.  Oh, I know, something that will put you in a good mood.  We have a lot of questions about how big … ummm… Private Dick is?

AH:  You’re serious.

AS:  Yes.

AH:  It’s custom-made for one specific woman so measurements are irrelevant.

AS:  Still… readers want to know.

AH:  Fine.  As someone put it once, take the cubic root of 90, multiply by two, add the third digit of Pi, and subtract the rounded Pi.

AS:  I think we can guess who would have come up with this formula.

AH: I’m sure you can.  It was not Dalton.

AS:  Speaking of Dalton… is he aware of recent events?

AH:  Not from my mouth.

AS:  And Bob – have you talked to him?

AH:  Define talk.

AS:  Ummm… civil conversation where most of the words consist of human sounds?

AH:  Then no.

AS:  Okay.  How about Reagan, have you talked to her?

AH:  Under the previous definition of talk, no.

AS:  And Javier?…. Aiden?  Hello?  Ummm… Aiden?  You’re freaking me out.  Did you just walk out of my head?  Aiden?  I will move onto other questions, I promise.  Aiden?  Ah… I will write a sex scene outtake… oh, here you are!  Thank you.

AH:  Don’t. Mention. It.

AS:  What is your favorite song?

AH:  Fur Elise.

AS:  Your favorite food?

AH:  Baci chocolates.

AS:  The last Baci quote you read?

AH: Love me for love’s sake only.

AS:  The last meal you ate?

AH:  Father’s day breakfast at Crater Lake lodge.

AS:  That’s a while ago, Aiden.  You need to eat.

AH: Bite me.

AS: Okay, my fault.  I get it.  Do you currently own a certain nutritional supplement named “Peter?”

AH:  No.  Pursuant to a certain sale contract, the ownership of Peter and all intellectual rights thereto appertaining automatically reverted to …. ah…. (*swallows hard… again… again…) to…  (deep breath)… to… (looks out of the dark window)…. (seems to count in his head)…. (deep breath)… to… (holy fuck, is that a tear?)…. (closes eyes, shakes head)…. to Her (whispers).   (Clears throat).  Any other questions?

AS:  Ah…

AH:  Why are you crying?

AS:  Because I love all three of you so much.

AH:  You have a fucked up way of showing it.

AS:  I know.  I’m sorry – it’s for the best, I promise.

AH:  Whatever.  Any other questions?

AS:  Yes, sorry.  What are you wearing right now?

AH:  Purple shirt, grey pants, shoes, socks, wallet.

AS:  What’s in your wallet?

AH:  (glares, then eyes soften).  A picture.

AS:  You don’t need pictures.

AH:  I do.  And will need them again very soon.

AS:  What else is in your wallet?

AH:  Cash.

AS:  What else?

AH:  Baci quotes.

AS:  Anything else?

AH:  Are you a fucking CIA interrogator?

AS:  Sure.

AH: A note.

AS:  A note?  By whom?

AH:  You’re CIA.  Figure it out.

AS:  Anything in your pockets?

AH:  Yes.

AS:  Care to elaborate?

AH: (reaches in his right pant pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. Unfolds it carefully.  Shows it to me.  Without a single word.)

AS:  A plane ticket?  August 23, 2008.  The day She flew to the U.S.?

AH: (whispers) My Christmas present. (Looks out of the window again.)

AS:  Umm… anything on your skin?

AH:  Are you fully determined to humiliate me?

AS:  No.  But I think the readers need to know your goodness.

AH:  (Sighs heavily.  Undoes the buttons of his shirt slowly, opens the shirt, revealing his chest and looking away).

AS:  Jesus Christ!  In Her handwriting?

AH:  I can replicate Her hand, not Her touch.

AS:  Can I read it to the readers?

AH: (nods)


If certain, when this life was out,

That yours and mine should be,

I’d toss it yonder like a rind,

And taste eternity.

But now, all ignorant of the truth,

Of distance’s unbending wing,

It goads me, like the goblin bee,

That will not state its sting.

Aiden, you’ve changed Emily  Dickinson’s words!! It used to be about time, now it’s about truth and distance?

AH:  Yes.

AS:  But you’ve still left the poem  ambiguous: both terminal and eternal?

AH:  You’re the writer.  What will you choose for me?

AS:  (sits up from chair and walks to Aiden.  Curls up on the floor and puts head on his knee, sobbing.)  You deserve only the best.  I love you.

AH:  (puts hand on my hair.)  Oh fuck.  I love you too.

Thank you again for all your good wishes, blessings, and happy thoughts for TMM/30 Nights.  This last week was so difficult for me knowing it was going to come down so much sooner than planned.  But you made it so special with all your comments, private messages, spreading the word, and being there for the story and me from beautiful pictures on my Facebook page to sharing with me your private stories, lives and ways in which TMM/30N has touched you.  You always thank me for inviting you on my journey when I should be thanking you for allowing this little story into your lives and sharing so many private moments with me about yourselves.  So to all of you who have had someone in the military, or known an immigrant, or have had a ticking clock over your heads, or have fallen in love, or have lost dear ones, or have had to find your own way in life – THANK YOU for bestowing that same grace on TMM/30N.  I will be back soon.

Thirty Nights of Snow ©2013 Ani Surnois

30 thoughts on “Aiden gives hints on sequel and Goodbye for now Thirty Nights!!!

  1. atterbury,Liz says:

    Ani, you never disappoint! I am really sad now for both of them, can’t wait to see them back together and the journey to get there. Love the humor! Love you!

  2. Carol Brunniche says:

    Oh my god I should not have read this at work, I am now crying my eyes out again.

    Ani please do not keep us in suspense too long. I am desperate to know what happens next, Aiden and Elisa deserve their happy ending.

    Hurry up and write girl.

    I’ve followed TMM/30 Nights both on FanFic and here. It gets better every time I read it and I will definitely buy your books WHEN they are published!!!!

    Love you Ani xx

    • asurnois says:

      Ha ha, CS – my flannel plead pajamas which I wear constantly when I mope around. I was wearing them the day I finished the book and yesterday when I was in the depths of Hades. Aiden is right – they are hideous!!!

  3. Kim Steel says:

    Oh Hell!! How come you managed to make me cry over an imaginary interview…. I can’t wait for the sequel and soooo looking forward to Aidens continuing story on the site. Its brilliant!

  4. tasiazotalis says:

    Sigh …… I am a ball of emotion and I LOVE IT! Your writing moves me. I can’t wait for the story to continue. Thank you.

  5. Sharon Starr says:

    Ooooo, that was so great! Aiden has been really missed. Please assure him that Ani’s Army (with the aim of aiding Aiden) is ‘marshalling’ resources for our beloved stud….oops…marine! Publishers beware! You don’t want to even think about fucking with Ani, we are completely desperate for new chapters!!
    Ani, know that your fan army is suffering right along with you, and with the three special people that live in the gutters of your amazing mind. Will sending Baci to you assist the process? A case? A truckload? (A bribe? How crude. But whatever it takes.)

  6. Lisa says:

    Laughing through the tears :’) Holding on tight till the sequel. Until then I will be playing my song Some Nights by Fun and banging my head upon the walls…


  7. Nan Virden says:

    That was so beautiful, Ani. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed this little interview. Aiden’s pain is very evident. Despite his despicable actions which I’m sure he is regretful as hell for I feel pity and ache for his anguished heart-wrenched soul. There is a love/hate relationship with you that I admire. And the bit of humor you added was cute. God, you make him sound so real!

    I would have been emotional too having to take down that awesome story of yours. Thank god for understanding hubbies. This little morsel certainly has whetted my appetite for the sequel 90 Days of Hale and more of Aiden’s Nights. You are definitely a treasure, Ani. Thank you so much for including your readers through the saga of Elise and Aiden.

    Question: Are you going to do a story from Javier’s point of view? I’d really think that would be cool. He is such an interesting character.

    • asurnois says:

      Nan, THANK YOU so much!! I had no idea his interview would be so popular. Yes, I will do a few Javier POV. There is one in the works right now – the day he first met Elisa. xoxo

  8. charissa6607 says:

    Oh my gosh, I have been waiting to finally see something for the sequel 🙂 this was great!! I read your story on fifty shades fan fic and loved it and have been waiting to see what will happen. Cannot wait

    • asurnois says:

      Charissa, darling, have you read the prologue and chapter 1 of 90 Days (the sequel)? Maybe you have but I was not sure from your message. If you have not, they are on my home page, do a search on the search box for “90 days” and you will read them. I will put a tab up soon. Thank you so much for your message!

  9. Karen says:

    Laughing and sobbing here – but what a really great interview.

    My first issue with you Ms. Ani is I don’t like you coming on to my Aiden! Can’t you see how heartbroken and hurt he is so none of this pajama discarding thank you 🙂

    Oh those lines from the poem – “but now, all ignorant of the truth, of distance’s unbending wing” just broke me so much – just to feel the hurt and pain he is going through knowing what Elisa thinks about him hurts me so much. But Benson “undoing dirty deeds” has me intrigued…. which exact dirty deed is he undoing??

    At least it answered my question of whether Aiden knew right away that she had gone back to England. Thank you thank you thank you Ani for this amazing interview.

    • asurnois says:

      Ha ha Karen! It’s very hard not to come on to Aiden. Or at least to tease him. When he said “bite me,” I almost asked “where” but I think he would have left and never returned and I plan to bring him back for Part 2 seeing how popular he is. He is pretty miserable right now poor man. 🙂 xoxo

  10. Rushmr says:

    Poor Aiden…I know he’s stressed out of his mind with everything that’s going on. Especially, considering he’s probably replaying everything over and over in his head. I’m so looking forward to “90 Days of Hale” to be completed to get the relief that my wondering mind deserves. In the mean time, these bonus posts helps a lot while waiting.

    I definitely enjoyed Aidens interview, but it actually fueled my fire to want to know more…lol! I’m curious as to what exactly Aiden meant by him needing pictures soon…I’m hoping he’s not insinuating what I think he is 🙁

    Looking forward to whatever the next post maybe 😉

  11. Annie says:

    Ani, Ani, Ani…. your writing takes me to such great heights and depths. My soul has been wrenched since the ending – nothing like poor Aiden of course. Yet you manage to make me laugh in spite of it all. Thank you for clearing up some questions I had and may thanks for Gandy candy. You will have me doing math to figure out the BIG question. Of course, Aiden will be carrying a picture of Elisa, but why does he need it again..and soon? I agree with Aiden, put us out of our misery soon. xo!

    • Annie says:

      Another question: Will 90 Days be a lengthier book on account on the longer time it covers? Will it be primarily in Aiden’s POV? Give me something, lady!!!!

  12. Maxime Noyes says:

    Dear Ani,

    It is so uncomfortable saying goodbye… even for a little while… however long that really is. Beautiful characters become friends. How many of us can not start with a book which we have friended? What a gift you have given so many of us to allow us to read your lovely words here online… And how lovely it will be to find it somewhere in print, and be able to recompense you for beguiling us with your story…

    I look forward to meeting up with them again! And… I can’t wait for what your mind brings to us next!!!

    Peace and Joy,

    • Maxime Noyes says:

      ” How many of us cannot ‘part’ with a book!” Can’t stand some typos… but my little Android phone won’t let me see them until they have already been posted… darn! 😉

  13. Blondegirl3 says:

    Ok, so I am from Atlanta and I had to fly to Panama, as in the canal, for work and my email and iPhone are not working, nor is my internet connection, just bad karma for me… But when I wake up in the morning after getting to the hotel by 1:30 am, yes I am exhausted, I check my connection again and praise The Lord I have a connection and can get to the internet. Now do I check my work email first? Hell no, I check Ani’s blog to see of she really pulled down her masterpiece, and OMG she did! Thankfully you left us with a sad, but witty interview that was fabulous to read before starting my crazy day! Just wanted you to know you trump my work any day! I think I have told you before I have been known to close my office door, just to read the new chapters as they post! Can’t wait for mor 90Days and Adian Nights! Sad to see Adian so torn up, but serves him right, glad she outsmarted him. Guess he never thought she would pick door number 3! And love his over sexed mind… I would be happy to bite him where ever he pleases! ;). Can’t wait to see what he does next!

  14. H. says:

    I cried during the interview. I couldn’t even make it all the way to the end in one continuous read. Had to take long breaks to sob, regain composure, and continue.
    I have to say I loved it. It’s was just so special and I can’t help but say I’m slightly jealous you got to interview Aiden, and I can’t help but cry with you too. This is so hard as a reader and I can’t begin to imagine the pain as an author. I trust you to give them a happy ending; actually my heart will break if you don’t. I do have some questions about the interview though.
    “I do. And will need them again very soon.” What do you mean by this? I know he needs a physical object to hold onto of Elisa, but the “…again very soon” is what scares me. Don’t make him go through any more pain. I’m begging you, please. Don’t make him do something ruthless like undergo a surgery with Dr. Payne, especially one that’ll take a part of him away. I know his memories are painful but I can’t imagine without his memory. I might be reading too much into this small line but I’m entering a very long stage of mourning. We can be insane together.
    Second: ” I cannot disclose that. But there is an empty building next to me and I use the term building -.” Define building…does this include empty cottages too, or empty rooms where someone may have lived in. You can officially label me insane at this point, if you haven’t done so already.
    Thank you for the interview though. I needed it and hopefully, when I go back to read it again, I won’t have to stop.

  15. LiliGrey says:

    Aiden, we are with you in hell. You are not alone. AS is torturing her dear readers as well. We share your pain!

  16. Sunshirae says:

    What can I say… that others and myself included have not said already. Gosh, I feel your words squeeze each vessel in my heart…preventing my blood from flowing smoothly causing it to clot, leaving me without air and just minutes from a coronary. How agonizing it is to be without air, grabbing my chest and not be able to stop the pain in my heart. Wow…so many thoughts about what is to come. Please make it soon. As always my book shelf is missing your book. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  17. icicledn says:

    :((((((((((((((….I can’t bear seeing aiden this unhappy. Please relieve him ani…I am sure whatever he has done is out of love’s sake only…and anything done out of/for love, I consider is not a sin. Why will he need pics again in future???? Plz do not tell me he will undergo some kind of surgery or something..

  18. nicoletta says:

    This is my first time posting a comment on here, but, I had to do it. I had to tell you how much I loved this story, and thank you for writing such a wonderful female protagonist in Elisa. A friend recommended the story, and I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but this was a fantastic surprise. After reading the character descriptions, I realized I had read every single one of the books you associated with each character. It made me very hopeful and you exceeded my expectations. Your work is thoughtful and reflective and most importantly, well researched. I cannot stress this enough how important it is to do research when writing a book. The characters are well developed and I am in love with both Elisa and Reagan. It is nice to see a real friendship between these two girls. Of course, I am also completely in love with Aiden. I don’t believe Aiden is the one who turned in Javier. He worships Elisa, he would not hurt her like this. I don’t see him capable of such cruelty, even if he felt threatened. I do believe Feign is capable of such a thing and that is where I am betting my money on. Also, I highly doubt Aiden would tamper with his memory. Maybe the pictures he is referring to are the ones Javier has painted while passing them off as Feign’s work. If he tampered with his memory, it would turn into a bad soap opera. Anyhow, I want to thank you again for your beautiful story and I do hope your work gets published. I cannot wait to continue this journey with you. Thank you.

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