30 Nights Finale, a Surprise, and Happy Veteran’s Day!

Sometimes things happen by design.  Sometimes by accident… these are the words Elisa  uses to describe why Aiden and she came into each other’s life.  I never thought they would ring so true for my last post of Thirty Nights which, by accident, happens to be on Veteran’s Day.  Perhaps, as she says, accident will become meaning and plan.  Perhaps it’s a sign that the story should go on.  Or perhaps, I have gone crazy and am in a padded room somewhere.  Please indulge me for a few moments (crying a little over here…)

I wanted to do something special for you today!!  I spent all Veteran’s Day today taking pictures of the Reed Campus and all other moments referenced in 30N.  I wanted to put them together as Elisa ends this phase of her journey and starts a new one.  And – SCARY – I managed to make my first Youtube video for you – Thirty Nights from Aiden’s Camera!!  If you know me, you know how radical this is and how much I love you.  Computers and I don’t get along.  As you will see, I tried to take pics of the places that meant the most to them.  Just like Elisa wanted in her last wishes.  I hope you like it.  Hopefully, you won’t sob like I am right now.  You will see the first fan art (for Master’s Muse), The Immigration Building, their last wishes, the Solis home, and the last moments of silence is the ending… (I couldn’t figure out how to add sounds of tears there)….  Go easy on me, I am a Youtube virgin!

My last note for Thirty Nights before we continue Aiden’s Nights and 90 Days is to thank you!!  From the bottom of my heart.  In my blog stats, I have viewers from just about every country, from the United States (my home) to my birth country (my origin – though they don’t know they are reading a compatriot’s story).  To all of the Americans that gave me a home when I needed it, and to all those “originers” that gave me life – THANK YOU!  And thank you to all of you for reading, encouraging me, becoming friends, supports, critics, lovers, haters but always  putting time in 30N and me – THIS IS FOR YOU!

Thirty Nights comes down a week from today, at midnight (embargo night style).  Then we start Aiden and more – Aiden’s story will have new parts you have not read, including all skipped days.  Until then, trust me that I want these three happy.  All my love, Ani (video, songs, and links below).

THIRTY NIGHTS – AIDEN’S CAMERA  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jMnVTk8AQw


He is the dream, I am its meaning… Elisa Snow.

Song for Chapter 39, Only Time – Enya 

Song for Chapter 40, Star-Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston

3 thoughts on “30 Nights Finale, a Surprise, and Happy Veteran’s Day!

  1. Lisa says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU. It has been an amazing journey. I started as a fan from The Master’s Muse on fanfiction. I was so disappointed when you removed it because I know I had read it at least three times. Then you led me here. I look forward to the continuing saga. The video was brillant. I cried… no I bawled. I CANNOT wait to see where you lead them… and us. Again many thanks, you have given me much joy in what can seem to be a very trying and depressing time in my life. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Loves. Laters.

  2. Sharon Starr says:

    Ani – great job on the youtube video. Loved it. Your first, really? And this is your first story. Geez. Are you this scary good at every thing you try? And I loved that Veteran’s day coincided with your final posting of 30 days. Aidan deserved that honor. And you said perhaps it’s a sign that the story should go on? If it doesn’t, I assure you that all of your readers will end up in that padded room, so you will have a lot of company. Thank you so much for deciding you should give writing a try…and sharing your journey with us. We’re here for the duration! Semper Fi !

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