New Chapter is Up (and it’s long!)

Hey everyone,

I am sorry for the delay in posting this time. I had a not-so-minor crisis with our landlord who selfishly decided to renovate and not renew our lease. I will spare you the madness but it’s all sorted now.  Thank you for your patience and thank you to everyone who wrote to me and almost sent out a search and rescue mission. YOU ROCK! I was going to write back individually but I figured between an email from me and a new chapter, you’d like a new chapter.  So here it is! We are getting close to that KEY moment you’ve all been waiting for, very close, so keep going.  🙂  And thank you to everyone who reviewed in the last chapter.  I know so many of you read and follow and spread the word and I love you all for it.  And to those of you who take an extra minute to drop me a line, you have no idea how much that means to a writer, especially after long nights of wondering “why the hell am I doing this again?”  SO THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Links below (pinterest will be up in a bit so that I don’t spoil for my Facebook followers).  And if you are looking for cool stories, check out the other writers we have in our  midst in my previous post.  Love them!!


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31 thoughts on “New Chapter is Up (and it’s long!)

  1. heathen64 says:

    Was a bit worried ,Glad everything is well..I don’t usually comment I know that their is life outside of writing for you (obviously) but you went longer then usual so glad all is well keep up the great work I love every second of itAndrea

    Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 06:32:54 +0000 To:

  2. twinkie55 says:

    Dear Ani,

    Thank you very much for your posts. I have enjoyed 30 Nights of Snow and wanted to share with you that your story is so well written that even without the Pinrest posts which I have just gone through I had imagined similar images. I look forward to the next post and I must say I am suffering from the withdrawal. I have just re-read from chapter 1 again as well as Aiden’s POV.

    Thank you


    • asurnois says:

      Amanda and many others,

      This is the first time that I have been able to get here due to an unexpected health issue. I am hoping to have it resolved soon and return to all you who have been so supportive and to my story. I have not given up on it. THANK YOU so much for checking up on me. – xo, Ani

  3. Ana says:


    I have been wondering about you ….and I just read your last response. I am sad to hear that you have a health issue. I truly hope that everything will turn around and you would be back to your normal wonderful self….we missed you a lot….and can’t wait to continue with this great story.

    your fan


  4. Melanie mead says:

    I hope your health is improving. I am waiting (not so patiently) for your next update. You are an amazing writer!

  5. Cindy says:

    Ani I am praying for your health and recovery. I miss your updates. You are an incredibly talented writer.

  6. JD says:

    What’s going on here? Is everything alright? It’s been months since there has been any update. Have you moved the story to some place else? Hope all is well

  7. JD says:

    What happened here? It’s been months since you posted an update. Hope everything is ok. Have you moved the story to someplace else?

  8. Stine says:

    Hi, I really do hope that you’ll update again soon. Love your story and can’t wait for them to meet. Hope that you’re alright though.

  9. Thea says:

    First and foremost I hope that you are in better health. I check your page everyday to see if you have updated, can’t wait until you’re back to writing your wonderful story. Sending good thoughts your way,

  10. liligrey says:

    Will you at least tell us goodbye? Even Aiden blessed Elisa goodbye. Miss you….hoping everything is ok with you and always wishing you well.

  11. aricasaca says:

    Hi Ani

    I hope with all my heart that you are doing better by now. We really miss you. We want you to come back, but most of all we want you to be happy.

    Hope to hear from you really soon.

    Be safe.


  12. BeccaC says:

    Truly missing Aiden and Elisa!!! Will we ever hear the rest of their story?
    Hoping all is well with you in your life Ani and can’t wait for you to continue with your beautiful story

  13. Kate says:

    Hi Ani,

    I do so hope you’re feeling better or at least on the road to recovery. You and your story are both dearly missed!


  14. Karen says:

    Hi Ani:
    I went back to re-read the chapters and found that Chapter 8 – Cistlina – is not there at all. I remember reading it when it was up and looking at the Pinterest pictures. Have you taken it off the website?

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